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Farrwest | 14:07 Sun 27th Jun 2021 | Electronics
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Can someone recommend a site where the pros andconsof electric toasters could be discussed?


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I recently brought the George kettle and toaster in yellow to go with my nespresso. It was a good buy.
Are there any "cons" to electric toasters?
Please discuss.
//Are there any "cons" to electric toasters?
Please discuss.//

Some are slow, some don't fit all bread sizes, some don't take as many slices as you might want to toast, some are expensive to buy, some are difficult to clean, some might not match you kitchen colours. How many cons do you want?
^our toaster is a cheapie from Lidl with none of those cons. It also has a "bun-rack" for warming croissants and freshening rolls - in fact, I was so impressed with it, I went and bought another as a spare.
(Note to OP...looks like you've found your required site!)
// I went and bought another as a spare.//

Yes - some don't last very long - another con!!!!
still thought I might get a "grilling" over the "pop up" post lol

Am I Right ?
I'm not Wrong !

ps I had a delonghi toaster £ 67 and I hated it
I had a £3 asda toaster and it was great but look around and choose a toaster that your preferred bread will fit in the slot
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davebro @ 16.07 - well the lidl one is over five years old and the "spare" is still untouched in the box.
//well the lidl one is over five years old and the "spare" is still untouched in the box.//

Aah - 5 years ago! That's when toasters WERE toasters.
When our toaster began to annoy me I jokingly said...wish there was a glass toaster so I could get the colour perfect.

Didn't know there was such a thing til Dave took me seriously and bought one.

Now we can sit together in the evenings watching the bread brown...:-)
In a way I agree with gingebee at 1539, that was also my first thought. Cons of toasters to me means reasons to not have one at all rather than differences/failings between individual makes.
Isn’t there a famous painting of a toaster? A devil with a fork holding a disgruntled human over a fire?
I have a four slice toaster that is adjustable.
I find that most "normal" toaster slots these days are too small for the standard British slice of bread. It is very difficult to find one. I even wrote to Russell Hobbs about it after rejecting an black one to match our kitchen at nearly £30.
They say they are all made for the standard Toastie loaf now which I dont want to buy. They also said their legacy models are bigger and yes, the perfectly good Classic model we already had was fine.

We found a lovely one on the Asda site of all places. Their own one was on offer and I paid just £7 for it! It works fine, toasts well and seems well made. It also looks well in the kitchen albeit with out any brand name, which is fine by me!

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