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Palustris | 15:05 Fri 19th May 2017 | Electronics
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Can anyone recommend for me a cheap Sim operated mobile phone. No internet connection needed. It is just to live in the car with Green Flag number on it etc. I don't need anything complicated as I never telephone anyone any way. The one I have at present is very old and the sound quality is fast deteriorating to the extent that it is difficult to hear what is said when using it to keep the card active.


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...just to leave in the car with the Green Flag number on it...are you a Land Rover owner by any chance?
Or this one, and pop your old sim card in User Recommendation
Just be aware that SIM cards "die" if you don't use them occasionally - I was told 3 months by Vodafone.
Indeed. The service providers can not afford to have their valuable number resource lie idle and be whittled away over time. If you don't use it, it's considered dead, it'sā€‹ made inactive for a further period, and then allocated to a new phone SIM/account.
About 6 years ago, I bought a Nokia 1616 for the very same reason as you, Palustris. bhg481 is quite correct; if you don't use the phone fairly frequently (I use mine about once a month), the SIM card dies, as I found to my cost. I didn't read the small print, and when I tried to use the phone after about 5 months, it didn't work. Virgin very kindly sent me a replacement card, and I've been more careful since then.
Perfectly good enough for your needs, for just £6:

Note that calls on EE's PAYG network are charged at 30p per minute though. If you pay a fiver more you can get that phone on Asda's network (which is actually run by EE anyway), with calls costing just 8p per minute:

Remember also that all mobile networks will disconnect you (and you'll lose all of your credit) if you don't make a chargeable call within a specified period. (With EE and Asda it's 180 days).
I'm not convinced of that Chris. My family have had several Tescomobile PAYG phones over the years that don't get used or even switched on for months at a time. None has ever been cancelled or lost credit.
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Thanks folks. I think I mentioned that I use it to keep the card active. That is how I know the sound is going. Mobile phone is no use here, we have no signal at all for any of the devices which our various grandchildren bring with them. As I said I just want one in the car for emergencies.
^^^ See 5.4 here, Hopkirk:
"If you do not use your Mobile Phone for six months we will disconnect you and you will lose your Credits and Mobile Phone number"
Get yourself a blast from the past, Nokia 3310 ( relaunched ).
Uses a sim and holds it's charge for around a week.
It may be in the T's and C's, but they don't do it.
Hi P, how about the Doro? Have a read of the reviews ...
They be more keen when they run out of number allocation and have no more to sell to regular user customers.

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