Ipad V Kindle Fire Hd

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Animals4me | 22:27 Fri 26th Jun 2015 | Electronics
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Having spent ages trying to compare an iPad and kindle more confused. Have kindle fire but fancy a change. Want a tablet that is good for internet , e reader, music ,games, apps skype.
Would an iPad be able to give me the huge choice of free novels that Amazon does in various categories . I don't know what is possible on the ipad and is the ipad air 2 the best at the moment?
If I bought one could I transfer all my novels on my kindle fire onto the ipad and how,/ would I download free books.
What pros are there to having an iPad over the kindle fire.
Would love others opinions and what ipad to go for


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You can put the kindle app on the iPad and have all the books you have previously bought. You still go to Amazon to get your kindle books, and they are available on your iPad. The iPad mini is nice size.
I have an iPad, which I love. My son has a Kindle Fire, which he equally loves. I think the only real difference in terms of what you can use them for is apps, for which you need an iPad, of course.
The Tesco Hudl is always spoked of very well, when a similar question has arisen on AB before....miles cheaper than a ipad.
I have both, but read on a little kobo. It's much better for reading outside, which I find almost impossible to do on either the kindle fire or the iPad because of the glare
The Hudl is now rated as better than the Kindle. You can download ebooks from Amazon and any other retailer or get them from the public libraries (I get most of my ebooks from the libraries). You can also download the Nook and Kobo apps for ebooks.

You would be able to transfer your ebooks to any other device using the Kindle app.

I think I can do most things on my Android tablet that an iPad can do - I'm not aware of anything I want to do but can't.

I wouldn't tie myself to either Apple or Amazon
IPad definitely but that's cos I love mine lol.
What did you get Animals ?

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Ipad V Kindle Fire Hd

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