My New Lg Tv - Urgent Set Up Help Please!

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moggie 939 | 09:37 Tue 12th Nov 2013 | Electronics
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This is my first new LED TV - I previously had an old LCD. Can anyone help me?

I use it as a monitor as I have a PVR connected. My problem is that, when I am watching a program the dark scenes in particular, the picture colour keeps fluctuating so I can hardly see it.

I note that there is a backlight setting on this TV - should that be set at 100% (what does this do?)

Under that there are settings for brightness, contrast, colour etc. Is there an optimum setting for these?

One other thing there are standard and eco settings and there is a tick against the eco setting box. What is this? Could this be the problem and should I set it to standard?

Help please - I don't want to return the tv as it is excellent except for this.


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This should explain and advise
16:22 Wed 13th Nov 2013
Is this any help?
what make is it and model (doesnt say lg yorkie lass) and there no lcd tv's i think you mean cathode or plasma
Take it off the eco settings
ivor, moggie says 'My New LG Tv' in her title.
You can buy LCD tvs, they are flat panel screens like plasma and LED.
dont tick the eco setting its a gimmick and ,makes a poor picture just play about with the settings you mention till you get a picture you like
on most tv theres a menu for setting pictures with ,standard / cinema/ sport/vivid/ etc try those as well
led is the way the picture is lit from behind its not a tv screen
Ivor the question says My new Lg TV. Therefore I took it that Moggie meant the make Lg, what else could it mean?
and your my mistake your either lcd or plasma
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Thanks all

Sorry I was not clear on my question heading - Should have said mfr of TV was LG 39" LED model.

Eventually I got thru to their helpline and they said that it came with 'eco' setting as default and that this automatically adjusts the brightness etc to the light in the room ie if I switch off and on lamps or the room is sunny. This he said was interfering with the viewing of dark scenes on the tv! He told me there and then how to untick this 'eco' box and tick one called 'standard' and lo and behold everything became fine. Why anyone want to use this eco setting is beyond me. The picture is now stable again.

Just one further point. Should the 'backlight' setting always be at maximum (on mine 100) on LED TVs. What does it do?

moggie: you need to realise that an LED tv is just an LCD tv that is illuminated LEDs rather than fluorescent lights. It's not really different from your old set.
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Thanks HC...and Ginge....I am beginning to understand now.
HC, the link was really good. I think I have set it up correctly now and understand the backlight! Also in the video it said NEVER to use Eco settings as it makes the picture fluctuate which was exactly my problem initially.

My new Tv seems to now be giving me a good picture without fluctuation.

Thanks again everyone.
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hc4361in particular and everyone else who answered me initially - just thought I would update the site as you have been most helpful. My TV is now perfect!

You were correct about the eco settings and I did all of this, but it was still fading to dark. In desperation I went into all the picture settings and further down at the bottom of the list was one called DYNAMIC CONTRAST. I clicked on it out of desperation and switched it to 'off'

Everything now works perfectly! I got back on to LG UK and eventually spoke to a senior engineer who said 'unless you switch all the eco settings and the dynamic contrast off you will never get a decent picture!!' or something along those lines. Why do they worry so much about the 'eco lobby'

There was nothing in my manual about these options and I was about return the TV as faulty. Since then, looking up Dynamic Contrast online it says invariably to always switch it off.

Thanks again all

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Thanks for replying but this was in 2013! and I did solve the problem
that's good if you have solve the problem.

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My New Lg Tv - Urgent Set Up Help Please!

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