Anyone Have Any Knowledge Of Lg Microwave Ovens?

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Stargazer | 11:54 Tue 27th Aug 2013 | Electronics
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A neighbour was selling stuff at a car boot sale but let me look before he took it away. There was an LG white Microwave oven which looked new so I bought it from him thinking to get the manual online. However there is no Model number on it (the plate which is usually fixed to the back is missing). Instead there is a sticker with a large R and some numbers on it. It is a micro/combi/ grill small model 700 watt (D) but I have no idea how to operate it and cannot find it on the LG Manual wedsite although there are hundreds of them on there with different numbers to those on the sticker which is clearly the sticker from the Reconditioned people who sold it in the first place. So I have a microwave I cannot use unless someone can point me in the right direction. Any advice welcome. (I don't want to complain to my neighbour!)


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can you ask him how to use it ?
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I am now guessing that he himself had purchased it a while ago from somewhere like a Charity Shop as there is a green and white "Pass electrical test" sticker on the side dated 8/3/13 but no other info. This safety check is often made by Charity shops etc if they are seling something electrical. It is quite possible that he got it really cheap and did not realise that it was not possible to get a Manual online. . I am pretty sure that the info needed would have been on a plate at the back of the microwave. I was hasty in buying it from him as we were both in a hurry.
You could contact LG and ask them if they have one they could email to you. I did this for a mobility scooter we had no manual for. The website didn't have the model listed but they did have an electronic copy of the manual which they kindly emailed to me. Worth a try I think.
^^^ I know you don't have a model number but they may be able to pinpoint which it is if you give them a description. Good luck.
Try entering 'LG microwave' into Google and then, on the results page, clicking on 'Images'. If you see your oven pictured their, try clicking on it (and then on 'Visit page') to see if you can find the model number that way.

Remember that there's a 'Show more results' link at the foot of the page of images so, if you don't see your model straight away, you might still be able to find it by loading more images. If that doesn't work, try modifying the search to 'LG combi microwave' or 'LG 700W microwave'.
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Thank you for all your suggestions. I will try to look at images. I can't seem to find a way to contact LG but maybe I have missed something. I think these are made in Korea. I have no information about what model it is so the only way I can do this is to see if I can see an image. I will try later.

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Anyone Have Any Knowledge Of Lg Microwave Ovens?

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