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emmie | 07:50 Thu 28th Feb 2013 | Electronics
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no idea how to download an app for mobile phone, is it easy, free or do you have to pay, the only one i want is a decent dictionary as the one on the phone is useless. Its a samsung mobile phone


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You need to find the site that offers them whilst surfing on your phone. Some will be priced, others free. Download as you would if you were downloading something to your PC.

My only experience is with Nokia and they have their own store. But it has to be much the same PC like experience for other brand mobiles.
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thank you, don't have much on the phone by way of apps, only what it came with, the dictionary on it is absolutely useless..
PS has to be a so called 'smart' phone, obviously.
On the Nokia if if fails to find a predictive text option it asks you to enter the word. Does the Samsung not do something similar ?
You should have apps such as Samsung Apps and Play Store (which is the Google apps store) already installed; just run them and search for what you want.
If it's an Android, you should already have two icons on the phone that let you get apps: Google Play (might be called by its old name of Market) and Samsung Apps.
Open play store and use the search bar at the top. There are several free dictionaries on therewith user ratings as a guide. Its clear which ones are free so you won't get caught out.
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it is a decent enough phone, don't like it much but it is a bit better than the one before. I am not into technology as such, have enough dictionaries at home, but when i am out and trying to do the crossword, the one on the phone doesn't remotely help.
Visit this question on mobile ab on your phone by going here:

Then, on your phone, click here:

Is this what you're after?

There should be an "app" on your phone called "Google Play" this will open a "store" for you to buy or download things. The great majority of stuff on there will be free or have a free version, you will have to pay for some stuff though!
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thank you, don't mind paying as such, but i don't always know how to download stuff, i am not the most technologically minded person on the planet.. x
Let us know how you get on. If you end up trying a lot of dictionary apps, and find a really good one for crosswords, please come back and give us a review - it would be useful for all of us :)
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will do, a very useful site is crossword solver, excellent help on it, and i know some on here do use it, and often give great help to us poor souls who can't find that elusive word...
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did you have any thought about my idea a while back about listing the crosswords under the respective papers, would be easier to find, and you could also look up the old ones on your related thread
I have tried a few on my galaxy note, not impressed with any of them really, the best one I found is "offline Dictionary" which can at least be used when you have no signal, it isnt brilliant though.
"did you have any thought about my idea a while back about listing the crosswords under the respective papers, would be easier to find, and you could also look up the old ones on your related thread"

Did we come to the conclusion that we'd then be relying on members to post in the right category even more so?
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thanks, will try and see what can be done,
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not sure, but perhaps once everyone got the right paper and into the swing of it, it could work, just an idea, i scan the AB crossword and puzzles section if struggling or go back to crossword solver
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