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commoner | 08:17 Thu 25th Oct 2012 | Electronics
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Hi ....any help with my problem would be much appreciated...

I have a Humax HDR-FOX T2 Freeview+ which is working perfectly but with one niggling problem..

BBC 1...always tells me on screen that I can watch in HD by pressing best number for BBC 1 HD is 101, but pressing OK sends me to 1086 which is BBC 1 HD but the signal is poor and virtually unwatchable....

I know I can select 101 but any ideas please to make 101 the automatically selected channel?

I have done both auto search and manual search but still the same...all my regional programs are correct ie Look North and Calendar for Yorkshire!

Thanks for any advice offered...


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Channel 101 is not an HD channel it is the normal BBC 1 channel you can not get HD on channel 101.
It looks like your area has a weak signal for BBC 1 HD so you will just have to stick with 101.
as of Oct 17 channel 101 is BBC 1 HD and 102 is BBC HD - information here
I have just checked, if I want to watch BBC1 in HD at the moment, that would be 'Breakfast' followed by 'Helicopter Heroes' I need to switch to CHANNEL 101.
So sorry eddie you're wrong!
Thanks that's something I didn't know.
I have an HD tv and HD Virgin media but I didn't notice a diffrence.
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Yes it is 101 alright...and I have no difficulty with it when manually selecting the number...lovely picture from my local transmitter ..Emily Moor....line of sight actually...I can see the mast from where I am typing this.

Can't figure out why the prompt from BBC1 sends me to 1086????

If I delete 1086 what will happen?
If you delete 1086 you will lose 1086. Simples tch,tch.

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Lol...meant when I press ok from bbc 1..:-/
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Bit the bullet and deleted all offending duplicates of BBC1 HD...there were two....wonder of wonders the onscreen prompt now goes to 101.....

Thanks for replying all...hope this might come in useful to others....;-p

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