Replacement for Nokia 6303 classic

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Old Salt | 20:20 Wed 23rd Nov 2011 | Electronics
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I have been very happy with the 6303, but it is beginning to show it's age and I am about to replace the battery for the second time.

So, I think I will see what's available. Only use my mobile for phone calls and texts...........took a few pics but didn't like the quality.

Would appreciate any advice on a replacement.

Thanks for any assistance

Old Salt


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My wife just moved from 6303 to a Nokia C3-00. Like you she just calls & texts and didn't want a "smartphone" and definitely not a touchscreen! It's a bit of a Blackberry look-alike but she likes the full qwerty keyboard for texting. Menus & look/feel are very similar to 6303 and not at intimidating. She loves it.
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Thanks LCDMAN,

I'll check it out in the morning. Sounds just what I want.

Old Salt
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Thanks for the really good advice LCDMAN,

Still haven't seen one to hold in my hand, but, nearly all the info and reviews I can find on the Nokia C3-00, sure seems to support my initial thinking that it will do just fine for my needs.

However, before I buy I want to hold one in my hand and get the feel of how it works.

Amazon has one but it's a "Nokia C3-00 Sim Free Mobile Phone - Dark Grey", and I'm not sure if my T-Mobile number and SIM will work in it. I have sent an e-mail to the seller and get the feeling no one will even read it until Monday.

So, I'm sitting here waiting for the sellers feedback

Old Salt
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What a monumental bummer

Just got back from see a C3-00 in action. But, when I tried to use it, my fingers are so stiff from arthritis that I just cannot work the keyboard. I found myself pressing two and three keys at the same time. I have noticed that all modern keypads seem to be heading in the same direction......extremely small and very close together.

Thank you very much for trying to help LCDMAN. I really thought we had cracked-it.


It just wasn't comfortable.
Shame OS, unfortuntaley by adopting a full qwerty keyboard then each key is quite small. Her problem is more reading the keys than pressing then!

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Replacement for Nokia 6303 classic

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