Which mobile phone network would you recommend for PAYG?

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Rodge2 | 15:12 Mon 10th Oct 2011 | Electronics
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Need to change from Virgin PAYG as they don't do micro-sim cards. Have been with T-mobile for less than a week and am having serious problems, and they are impossible to reach by phone. Who can I go to?


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o2 is the way forward there brilliant
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Thanks for that. You've had good dealings with them then?
Have a look at
yer im on a pay as go i pay £10 a month and get unlimted texts, 100 mins but u can pay £5 and just had the texts or pay £15 and get more texts plus internet
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Thanks bondgirl, I'll deffo consider them as you've had a good experience. Are you with giffgaff, new2quizzes?
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Anyone else hazard a recommendation? I've read some review charts that rate them all the biggies at 1 star!
Yes. Various members of the family are, too, so we can talk to one another free of charge.
My sister has her 3 kids on Tesco PAYG. They've always been pleased with it and often you get your credit doubled or trippled.
The three recommended PAYG providers (Which? latest results) are Asda, Tesco and O2 , in that order. I've been with Tesco for years and find them excellent.
I've been with 02 for ages, happy with them.
Surprised a service provider proves impossible to reach by phone. You have gone through their self serve system first have you ?
o2 - £10 per month gets me 300 free texts plus 500mb of net AND I still have the credit afterwards
I never use the texts all up and I dont top up every month cos I just use the credit but for what ever you want 02 is the cheapest
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Old geezer, I know it sounds unlikely but believe me, I have been round and round their menu system endlessly and you just end up back where you started. Once, yesterday I did manage to happen on an option which allowed you to speak to a human being, but they said there was a 20 minute wait. However I was so desperate to sort out the problem - I have been having amounts debited from my account even when I was asleep, and when my phone was switched off, for calls I certainly didn't make - I wiated and waited and waited for more than 20 minutes, and eventually had to go back to work so had to ring off. I have not been able to find this option again. It's hopeless.
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Just to let you know I sent T mobile an email about my woes and about 4 days later they phoned, were very pleasant, and sorted it all out. They restored the credit that should not have been deducted and gave me 1 years' worth of free internet (which had been part of the initial deal). However I think I am going to swap to o2 when I have used my existing credit. I don't like not being able to contact my carrier by phone. Thanks very much for all your input, really appreciated:)
I'm on Tesco....I spend £10 a month on average and they triple it.

Seem to have free internet as well...
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Gosh, that sounds good ummmm. Do they do micro sims?

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Which mobile phone network would you recommend for PAYG?

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