Which Model HTC phone would you go with? Also info on where to get best deal & service.

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bizzylizzy | 17:15 Tue 29th Mar 2011 | Electronics
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OK I've now decided to go with an HTC phone rather than the iPhone 4. But I'm wondering whether to get the HTC Desire, Desire HD or maybe the new HTC Experience Sense.

The latest one, the Experience Sense has the advantage of having a better battery apparently, but the design is not as sleek. Also the Desire HD have bad reputations regarding battery life, also the HD is a fairly big phone .. and I have wee hands.

Decisions decisions.

Have any of you any info you'd be kind enough to share?

Also - last question promise - has anyone any particular thumbs up or thumbs down info regarding phone providers?

Thank you all.


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I have the HTC Desire and i love it. It depends on what you have switched on all the time with regards to how long the battery lasts - bluetooth wifi etc. The phone does list how much battery power is being used by each app or setting.
I: always have wifi and bluetooth on and i listen to music while travelling on it. I usually do need to charge daily. But only takes approx 45 mins to go from totally dead to full battery.
Android market for apps is excellent, the ability to customise the phone is also great.
Any questions about particular functions i will try to answer but generally i cant praise it enough
Yes, I've got the Desire HD and I think the same as denise about it. I do think is better than the iphone 4 even although it is cheaper. I also prefer O2 as I have been using them for years with no problem.
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HTC any time its far better then Iphone, you can get most apps free and games from its market. its widgets are much fine then Iphone, all smart phones needs to get charged daily because people use WiFi or phone data that take alot battery, so if you manage to use them occasionally the bettry will last longer then usual. I plan to get HTC Desire, but i got HTC 3d EVO, and i must tell you its a really powerful device. it got front cam for video call and skype. on back you can see two 5mp cams for 2d and 3d pics. Due to its special screen you don't need to wear 3d glasses to see the 3d effects. So i suggest you go for HTC any model depends on your usage.
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Oooer, thanks for the response, but I posted the question nearly two years ago. I bought an iPhone 4s and to be honest, I don't like it at all and you're right about battery usage. But there we are. Good luck with your phone.

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Which Model HTC phone would you go with? Also info on where to get best deal & service.

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