Acer Laptop telling me I am low on disk space

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oscarina | 20:36 Thu 27th Jan 2011 | Computers
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Acer laptop telling me I am low on disk space how do I fix it, don't have loads of stuff on it, Help needed, thanks


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For now ..

Find the Temp Folders under your user name in Docs/Settings (user in Win7) and delete what you can.
Delete Temp Internet files from browser.
If you have added hard drives, switch off System restore on general storage drive(s) or partitions
Back off the size of recycle bin allocation by R-click and set to a few percent.
Back to System Restore .. back off the percent storage allocated to around 10%. That should be ample to most people.
Remove old/unwanted programs from Add/Remove.
Clean out Java cache from Control Panel/Java panel settings.
That enough for now?
+ search for and check/delete old video files.
If you don't use hibernation or sleep, go into those power settings and switch off.
Some laptops have the hard disk split into partitions (often C and D).

C usually has Windows on it, and we tend to use C for all our personal files as well.

But you MAY have a D drive sitting there empty and you can start putting your personal files on there.

Use the "My Computer" or "Computer" option in Windows to have a look at your hard disk and see what "letters" (C, D etc) it uses.

Note that your CD/DVD may be D (or E) so dont assume D or E is your hard dirve.

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Acer Laptop telling me I am low on disk space

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