How do I restore the alphabetical sequence?

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chakka35 | 18:26 Wed 05th Jan 2011 | Computers
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My files in Microsoft Word have suddenly decided to re-arrange themselves in anti-alphabetical order. I can see no button to correct this. How do I do it?


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go to file - open

when list appears, right click mouse in a space in file (ie not over a named file) and arrange by Name / size / type / modified
Assuming all your word files are stored in one folder and your O/S is Windows?
Right click in open space in folder, select 'sort by' and pick 'name' and ascending or descending (your choice).
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Thanks, both. It worked fine. Grateful to you.
Clicking on the column heading will often change the sort order (A to Z or Z to A)

Clicking on the column heading again will reverse it..

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How do I restore the alphabetical sequence?

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