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grandpajoe | 13:26 Sun 03rd Oct 2010 | Computers
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Hi I cant get Skype to work properly.
I have a camera with a microphone connector but when I try to do a video call on Skype the computer shuts down!!
I bought a Trust Webcam but it does not have a microphone connector and does not work when i do a sound check on Skype. If I try to do a video call with this camera fitted it too switches the comp off completely.
So I did a video call with NO camera connected and still it shuts down.
FED UP Can you suggest anything please.
I do not have a driver for the first webcam with mike connector (If ever there was one?)
And the "Trust" one did not come with a driver.

Perhaps I need to re-configure Skype but how??
I have un-installed Skype (Twice) and re-installed it but nwqt seems to work!!
HELP Please Chris


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What Operating System and SP? (eg. Windows XP Service Pack2) (Find this .. R-click My Computer/Properties .. Read from display)
What two webcams by model/name?
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Windows xp service pack 3
The new cam is a Trust Invido webcam the other is not named and has a microphone connector the Trust just has a USB connector
Uninstall Skype completely with cameras unplugged.
Clean out (delete) all Temp Internet Files from Browser/Internet Options/General/Browsing History .. Delete
Go back to old program version

Read through this lot ..

Try again!
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Thank you for that mate. It seems to be working now. The webcam I am using ,I think , is a SN9c101.
Can you tell me if I should take it out and put the new Trust one in?? there is not separate plug for the microphone. Is it built in to the trust that just has a U S B connactor.
Once again Cheers!!
No problem .. Glad that's sorted that one out.
I should think you can substitute the cam, yes. The PC should be recognising it OK as a USB device .. that's the main thing.
You need to check the sound settings in the volume/mixer panel when it's in tho. Options/Recording .. "what you hear" should usually be selected fior the mic.
Cheers .. Al.
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Hi Al going to be a pain again. I have put the Trust webcam in and gone to skype test call but no joy. It tells me skype cant here me and says click here but there is nothing there that rectifies the mike probs. Can you talk me through it please
If you are having an issue with the inbuilt microphone the dont use it .Get yourself a cheap microphone and use it. Skype is very fussy on microphones .Have you set your default microphone in the Sound section as the one in the web cam check this as well I
I would also go to the TRUST website and get the right driver as the one you are using is only a generic one within Windows. If all fails download the latest Skype 4.2 and try that.
Hi again ..

I agree with the above. Try the driver first tho .. and if still not working after a reboot and configuration, use a separate mic .. !
GL. Al.
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Thank to you all. Chris
I also have a problem with Skype that I can't fathom out.

I have Skyped my brother in Australia twice a week almost since the days of dial up internet connection speeds. I last spoke to him last Monday with no problems. Today, I tried to open Skype of my Fujitsu AH530 Laptop and I couldn't sign in. All I was faced with was the rotating circle of dots that carried on until I stopped it. I deleted Skype and downloaded it again. I already had the latest version installed. I still could not sign in.

I engaged in an online "chat" with a Skype help adviser. He asked for remote access to my PC. I watched him going through various files and deleting various things. Eventually all went quiet. Losing patience I open the chat page and it had been disconnected quoting that as I hadn't used it for two minutes it had been closed. Whatever he may or may not have done I still couldn't sign into Skype.

My wife has an almost identical laptop to mine, a later model AH512, that she never uses since she got an iPod. I use it occasionally to keep the battery charged and updates installed. I switched it on and signed into Skype immediately using my same sign in details that wouldn't work on my laptop.

I had my chat with my brother using Google Hangouts which worked perfectly.

Has anyone got any clue as to what's gone wrong?

I'm using Windows 10.
This morning I tied Skype again with no joy signing in. I decided to deleted all the Skype download files from my Downloads folder and download it again from the CNET website rather than the Skype website. Low and behold it signed me in in an instant.
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