I lost sql server password, how i can reset sql sa password?

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Shandelzare | 09:33 Wed 15th Sep 2010 | Computers
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I forgot my sql server password, and i need to get the sql sa password back, how can i retrieve my sql sa password? its SQL server 2005. Any advice is ok, i dont want to reinstall the SQL server, Thanks in advance.


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Have you tried connecting as the domain administrator specifying windows authentication?
Otherwise you have to go to single user mode
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How convenient, another new user with a link to a paid for answer!

you can issue the alter login command to change the password..

ALTER LOGIN <login_name> WITH PASSWORD = <change password>

No need to use the piece of crap advertised above, it's probably riddled with spyware and viruses anyhow!
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It is very easy to use some third party tool to solve the problem, it just take you less than 5 minutes to change your sql password, and even the beginner could quickly fix it.

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I lost sql server password, how i can reset sql sa password?

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