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muskox | 14:14 Tue 17th Aug 2010 | Computers
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Know nothing about computers. Have got critical viruses, adware, spyware, trojans and windows reports that computer is infected, with many files unable to be used. Windows is trying to get me to buy an American anti virus software box, in dollars, which will take a while to get here. Have tried to download free anti virus and malware products, but windows security alert won't allow the downloads. Help please. Recently used Norton Internet Security Suite 2007, which was updated to 2010. All seemed well for several weeks, so i don't think it is that, but the programmes on the disc might not be strong enough for what I have got. Should i go to PC Wordl to get an anti-virus programme?


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The warnings are the infection, it's trying to get you to spend money on a fake anti-virus product.

Run a full scan with antimalwarebytes and it will hopefully find and remove it.


You may have to run it with window in safe mode to get it to work properly as the infection will try and block it.

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How do I run the computer in safe mode, please?
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Great news. Found out how to go into safe mode and use system restore. Conventional ways were all blocked. Not sure how to avoid the problem in the future, but many thanks Chuckfickens for your advice.

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Computer virus

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