Outlook Express - grrrrr

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Barmaid | 11:29 Wed 14th Jul 2010 | Computers
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I have sent an email this morning. Whilst I was typing it, the PC crashed. Now this email appears in my "Outbox" (not my send box) with the message "Message could not be displayed
Windows Mail encountered an unexpected problem while displaying this message. Check your computer for low memory or low disk space and try again." I've tried deleting this message, but then I get a dialogue box saying "unknown error". I've been into the folders where my mail is stored but this email is not there so I can't delete it from there. The trouble is, because this is the first email in my OUtbox, it is now preventing me sending any mail.

Please help! I'm desperate to get some stuff off today!



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Doh - its not outlook express its Windows Mail. But I can't send a thing now!!!
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Either uninstall and reinstall windows mail or run a repair install of it.

If you uninstall it make sure you have all your email account details to hand when you reinstall it.
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Outlook Express - grrrrr

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