Installing printer onto Laptop

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Dris | 22:11 Sat 26th Jun 2010 | Computers
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I have installed successfully and checked the System Management etc.
The USB cable is in the bottom left port of the lappy if thats significant.
It wants to print when i press preview the document which i need to print comes up and the type of printer etc with number of copies required appears but when i press print it doesnt....

Any clues -im sure I have just missed something simple but I really need those documents.


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Control Panel/Printers and Faxes
R Click on the printer and select Properties
In Ports tab, have you a tick in box"Virtual Printer Port for USB" with Printer name after it?
If not, check what is ticked, and tick it.
Try again.
USB print spooling may take time .. give it a bit.
I was gonna say are you sure you've got it plugged in, but I don't expect you'd see the funny side?

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Thanks will give that try and let you know-thought I had its sussed as well :)
I had the tick USB problem before.
Easy to lose the configuration with new USB installs.
Have you tried printing a Test Page from the Printer Maintenance panel?
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I tried the print maintenance page and it went through the motions but a piece of blank paper emerged.
I did try to see if it was switched on Mrs C -thats how unswitched on I am about anything technical:)
Im off to get up now and try A1IBags advice -im sure that will work.

I'll let you all know once the deeds done:)
Good luck
It's about the only thing that stops a USB printer working.
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AIBags -I have followed the procedure and I have a tick over a virtual printer with the name of the type of printer I have. It says I have 19 documents in the queue -which would be about right.

I have tried again this morning to print -any other ideas what stopping it printing?

I can get the documents printed at a push -theyre my travel vouchers for my holiday so crucial- but now im determined I have to get this fixed.

Any more ideas whats blocking the queue?
OK ..
All those docs in the queue is not helping.
Are you getting a permanent priter icon in system tray near clock?
Can you double click to open the printer queue and cancel all those jobs.
Open the printer properties/preference/service panel and try communication check if there. If not try a "print test page"
See if job appears in the system tray print queue .. and watch it.
You may have a really long delay to print .. you'll have to try first.
You "might" need to try a different usb port .. if you have one.

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Installing printer onto Laptop

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