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sas200 | 11:18 Thu 20th May 2010 | Computers
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Hi. Can anyone tell me if I purchased a mini laptop in the UK, would it be compatible in Australia.?


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Yes it would be fine.

Bearing in mind if your laptop can play DVD's, it may be a different format over there.

Also for charging it, the mains may be different - I'm not 100% sure whether they are or not, but if they are you will obviously need an adaptor.

Hope this helps

You would need a new power lead (or simply cut the UK plug off the end of the one that comes with it and fit a Australian plug.) but no need for an adaptor, all laptop PSU's can work on voltages between 110 - 240volt and either 50 or 60Hz so they will work in any country.

A mini laptop to my mind would be a netbook, therefore would have no DVD drive, but if you do mean a laptop with a DVD drive then you would have to change the drives region to get it to play films, you can change the region upto 5 times before the drives locks to the last region set so that shouldn't be a problem.
Yeah sorry didn't mean adaptor lol :$

Thanks for the additional help Chuck
The domestic mains power supply in Australia is 240V AC, 50Hz. Standard 3-pin earthed power outlets are rated at 10Amps and are usually switched. The 3-flat-pin plug is used in all states of Australia

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