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roopower | 11:42 Wed 24th Mar 2010 | Computers
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Chuck, my Dad is a regular AB-er and said you may be able to help! If not, maybe there is someone out there who can, or at least put my mind at ease...

I am running AVG V.9 (Free Edition) and last night it picked up no infections, warnings or threats, but did find something I am completely unsure about! It said -

Result: This file is signed with a broken digital signature, issued by; Google Inc.

I wasn't sure if this was my temp internet file as it refers to Google, so I deleted all history and temp files, cookies - the lot. Ran a scan and it was still there.

The file is in my Users/user/Appdata/temp file, which I found today by "viewing all hidden files". The file in question is 12.5kb and was last modified sometime before Christmas (at 4am!), when it was created. It has no .exe or anything to identify what sort of file it is, it's simply called {B73.............56}.

I ran a search for the error code, and just found info about what to do when the digital signature has been issued by Microsoft Corp - aka a system failure. Does anyone know what this is, what may have caused it and what I can do? If the file was last modified on 16/12, could I just delete it? I could probably live with it popping up on my AVG scan each time if it's ignorable, but I do worry when the scan comes back with anything other than...well, nothing.

I should mention, usually my scan goes on in the background as I work and I go by the little pop-up when the scan has finished, so the result may have been there for sometime.

(Sorry this is so long, wanted to give as much information as possible!)


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if it's in your temp files then you can almost certainly delete it, if you are not sure about deleting simply rename it or move it for the time being. it would still show on scans if you done this, but if it causes no problems with anything else after you've moved it or renamed it you can safely delete it

The chances are with a file that old is that the signature has simply expired.

(who's your father then?) (that sounds wrong :))
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Thanks, Chuck - really appreciate your answer. Any ideas what it could be if it was signed by Google? I'm a terrible worrier when it comes to technology (probably because I am rubbish at most things involved with my computer - my dad had to show me how to run AVG!).

My dad's just a lurker, so you probably won't have seen him about :)

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