explorer has encountered a problem when looking at my files

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booboo67 | 00:12 Thu 25th Feb 2010 | Computers
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when i try to view my phone videos that i have uploaded to my pc. as soon as i double click it it comes up with windows has encountered a problem and needs to close.
i can't even click on anything in there to see what the problem may be.
has anyone got any idea as to what i need to do?
i used to be able to access them
thanks in advance


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Windows Explorer? ... Not Windows.
If Windows Explorer closes and restars it is because you have a damaged or corrupted file in the folder you are browsing. Often a bad video file causes this.
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yes thats it.
how can i find out what file is damaged or corrupted and remove it so that i can still see the rest?
thanks for the quick answer btw
Hi .. no worries ...
Try isolating by moving one file at a time out of a folder .. or just try clicking on it to highlight and waiting a few seconds to see if W Explorer crashes.
If you do find a corrupted file, only way to fix would be to re-render or convert the file with another program.
Question Author
found the dodgy file and i just got rid of it.
thanks for your help
No worries cheers.

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explorer has encountered a problem when looking at my files

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