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redman41 | 10:36 Sat 06th Feb 2010 | Computers
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Hello Chuck !
I was having bother with AdAware (Latest Free version) as it was not loading properly after installation, so I un-installed it and installed Microsoft Security Essentials in its place today.
It has real-time protection but I know little about it other than I have seen it recommended by online users.
On your recommendation I installed Comodo Anti-virus Freeware and I am very pleased with it as it is doing a good job as far as I can see. Will any conflict arise between Comodo and Microsoft Security Essentials as at present there does not seem to be so. MSE is antispyware, antimalware and anti everything else as far as I can see, but it sits inobtrusively on my PC.
You know far more than me about Computers therefore I'd like your comments regarding MSE.
Many thanks


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You shouldn't be running them both at the same time, they are both antivirus and you should only ever have one AV program installed otherwise they can conflict with each other (and it will cause a huge drain on system resources)

as for suggesting which to get rid of, it's a tough call, I've not used MSE but it has got some very good (independent) reviews in the AV community and Microsoft did throw a lot of money (and outside expertise) in getting it right after their onecare attempt at security was a joke!

(incidentaly ad-aware is anti spyware, which is different to anti-virus and you can have anti-spyware software installed at the same time, though I'd recommend malwarebytes instead of ad-aware)
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Thanks for the info Chuck.
I'm really undecided which to uninstall now as I have been very pleased with Comodo which you recommended, as I installed it to replace the Avira new version which I had problems with.
Other than Adaware which I have uninstalled due to problems with loading, which AntiSpyware Freeware would you recommend. I have tried SpyBot and unfortunately had problems with that also. Whatever you recommend will be fine.
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I have Malwarebytes Free edition installed but is there another free version of Malwarebytes available for download for realtime protection from Spyware ?
Both Malwarebytes and Superantispyware provide great protection, but not in realtime, that's why they are free (you have to update them manually and run them on demand).
However, your luck is in. Spywareblaster is THE program to have. It runs in realtime, takes up hardly any space, and is free. It does not update automatically though so you will have to regularly check for updates. http://download.cnet....-8022_4-10196637.html

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