Is norton 360 from ebay just as good as shops?

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dee2912 | 18:33 Mon 28th Dec 2009 | Computers
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Hi, I had norton 360 anti virus thingy on my laptop but it has just ran out, its about 60quid in currys and its a fraction of that on ebay is it just as good or should i just get it from currys?


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I got one a few years ago and it was a very poor looking copy...
I wouldn't buy norton from anywhere!
Do yourself a HUGE favour and forget about Norton. Completely.

Get this instead:
Norton is crap.
AVG is pretty good, but you'd still need a firewall and anti spyware

Comodo do a very good full internet security suite thats free for home use
AVG is both anti-virus and anti-spyware:

For most home users, the Windows built-in firewall will be good enough...

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Is norton 360 from ebay just as good as shops?

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