SIGN UP me anyway.

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Sqad | 18:05 Fri 13th Nov 2009 | Computers
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On the buttons F and J there is a ridge.



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I always thought they were markers for touch typers?
if you press them together an alien appears
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It's so that touch-typists and the blind can locate the F and J keys, which always sit under the index fingers. From there we can locate the rest of the keys.
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suzie.....she appeared a long time ago.....well before computers......they call her Mrs sqad.
They are the home keys for touch typists, all other key positions are found from them.
for touch-typing sqad.....need delicate fingering to find them. hmmmm ;)
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tamb r u still referring to the f and j keys
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tambo.....I have been known to succeed.........!!!

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