Acer Aspire x3200 / 9650 PCI slot?

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bembo67 | 18:26 Wed 26th Aug 2009 | Computers
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Hi, I'm looking to buy the Acer Aspire x3200 / 9650, but as it does not have wireless enabled, I am also looking into buying a wireless adapter to connect to my router.

Does anybody know if the tower has a PCI slot for a wireless desktop card?

Especially for this card -



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the specs for it say it has 2 of them, but take the top off and have a look.. they look like this pci-mb.jpg
No, using a cable and not wireless at all would be better!

but if you really need wireless and go the usb route get a couple of meters of USB extension cable as well so the adapter isn't tucked down the back of a big metal box.
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I know wired would be better, but it's not practical as I would have to run a cable around my house.

So I can't use that PCI card without taking the tower apart and fixing it inside?

Sorry, I didn't understand what you meant at the end, I just want to know what I need to buy in order to get the best connection.

My router is a G router by the way.
A PCI card would need to be fitted inside the computer, not a tricky job but you would need to take the lid off the tower to do it..

if you get a USB adapter and then if you plug it straight into the back of the computer it is nicely shielded by the metal case of the computer, if you get a USB extension lead as well then you can position the USB adapter a little higher up and so it's not tucked down the back of the computer which will give you a much better chance of getting a decent signal.

something like this able-1-8m/dp/B0000DG4WP/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=e lectronics&qid=1251305856&sr=1-1
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So, is the PCI card I gave a link for compatable with the slots inside the tower?
Because as its a space saving unit, I was thinking, the slots may be smaller.

Would the usb adapter I gave a link for be the best?
Or is there one which is better?

do what chuch suggests
get a usb one with a usb extension cable so that you can position it better

alternatively homeplug (aka powerline) adapters are almost as good as ethernet ... and wet string is better than wifi (I hate wifi) lient&hl=en-GB&rlz=1T4GPTB_en-GBGB295GB295&q=h omeplug&um=1&resnum=4&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=if&sta rt=0
chuck ....
I personally would not use USB as networking and USB do not go well together

I use Buffallo PCI cards they work faultlessly and are so easy to install other PCI cards are OK too
a sweeping statement there fiesta - what's your justification?

as a wifiphobe my dislike is based on quite a few years of wrestling with the problems caused by high saturation wifi use

this has lead to my making up a long long list of reasons for not using wifi ... and that particular observation is not on the list - nor can I think of a single reason for putting it there

With the potential problems caused by having an aerial positioned behind a big metal box and the proximity to the psu - I'd say that the exact opposite was the case.

pci has a theoretical max transfer rate of 133Mb/s while USB is 480Mb/s - and as long as it's on it's own header there is no hit on resource - so .. I'm interested in your reasoning

you use buffallo - cards - have you also used other brands ... or are you just guessing?
the only time I would consider using a PCI card an advantage is if you made use of the SMA connector on it and used an external antenna, good results, an expensive way of doing it though.

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