pop up adverts since installing Internet Explorer 8

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Jillius | 20:03 Mon 24th Aug 2009 | Computers
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Ever since I installed Internet Explorer 8 I have so many adverts popping up every few seconds. I uninstalled it and went back to Internet Explorer 7 but then it wouldn't let me do loads of stuff so I reinstalled IE 8 again but these adverts are driving me mad. Please help :-(


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Try this:
.Click on 'tools'
.Click on 'interenet optioms.
.Click on 'privacy'.
. Click in the box under 'pop up blocker'.
. Click on 'apply and then 'ok'.
Question Author
Thanks stewey, but the box was already ticked !
Ok, try this:

Click on 'tools'
Click on 'pop up blocker settings'
Click on 'blocking level'
Click on whatever setting you think you need.
it's not IE8 that's the problem ... it's the site(s) you've visited with it
download, install and run
Question Author
I did that stewey but it made no difference.
ACtheTROLL, they aren't sites I've been on, they are all full page adverts for Poker, horse racing, bingo etc. nearly all to do with gambling. I have never been on any of those sites.
No but you will have been on a site or opened an attachment which has installed malware to your computer.

Run Malwarebytes using the link that AC gave you. That oughta shift the little blighters.
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........ they have only appeared since I installed IE 8. I was told to install it to get rid of the Internet Explorer Script Errors that kept popping up, but these are just as bad.
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I have done........ and I immediately got 4 William Hill adverts appear :-(
But you have probably been on a site that infected your PC with some sort of adware, but there are plenty of good free adware removal tools- just make sure you get a bona-fide one that doesn't give you even more junk.
Run the software. Ignore the pop ups and let Malwarebytes deal with it.
install BOTH progs I gave you .... stop dwelling on where the popups came from ... because it's not from microsoft ... it's somewhere you've been ... kill the blighters first ... then get someone to give you a slap - and don't go there again

likely sites are music or film download sites, torrent sites, that sort of thing

Question Author
Download sites will be my daughter's doing !!!!!! I'll be having words lol
You have malware on your PC

Remove it with Spybot S&D, Malwarebytes or A squared - all free - Google for downloads or just use Mozilla Firefox and avoid all this nonsense that comes free with Internet Explorer :-)

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pop up adverts since installing Internet Explorer 8

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