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Joe Shmoe | 14:24 Tue 04th Aug 2009 | Computers
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I Use Windows Vista service pack 2. If you click on the start button and click on control panel then Internet options then on the advanced tab scroll down to the security section the seventh tick box in this section. You will see the option Do not save encrypted pages to disk. What I would like to know is when this box is ticked does it only apply to Internet explorer? Or will it apply to Firefox as well ? And all versions of these browsers? I would appreciate any help. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section.Thanks.:-D


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Hello again ChuckFickens I am sorry my question has appeared so often. You will Notice the first time it appeared in this this section It did not have a proper title I noticed this just after hitting submit I tried hitting edit before the screen changed and thought I had succeeded as it had not appeared but checking now It suddenly had . I do not find typing easy so theese things happen to me.:-D

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Inernet options Quandry

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