Windows 7 - how many bits?

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ACtheTROLL | 11:19 Mon 27th Jul 2009 | Computers
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I hadn't really thought about this aspect of the soon to arrive Win7 but just been reading an article which suggests that Windows 7 is the perfect excuse to shift to a 64 bit O/s.

Having avoided the old 64 for ages - I'm tempted ... it's technology - it's .... its ... probably a good way to fall on my @rse - but I think I'm going to check that I can find drivers for all my hardware ... and do it - can always go back if not

any thoughts?


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Go on do it, you know you want to :) and besides, if it doesn't work then it's only a little time and it's back to 32bit again!

I've been running 64bit on some of our servers here for some time now without any problems, wouldn't mind seeing what sort of difference it makes on a desktop though (actually I'll find out next week myself on some new CAD workstations)

I am actually slightly surprised that MS are even shipping a 32bit version of windows7, It's not going to run well on anything that is 32bit hardware anyhow so I would have thought they would have taken the lead and used this release to start getting rid of 32bit versions of windows.

(p.s. have adobe sorted out a 64bit version of flash yet?)
I think it boils down to this:

1) Do you have more than 4GB RAM, or do you do a lot of video/multimedia processing (i.e., programs that are CPU intensive, that are probably optimised for 64bit fairly well)?

If you answer yes to either of the above, you want 64bit.

If you answer no to both, you don't want 64bit just yet (unless you don't mind having to mess about with things to get them to work properly).

This is of course all assuming that your CPU and chipset is 64bit.
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everything is capable of running it - By hardware i really meant scanner/printer etc

I ordered 7pro which has the XP compatibility mode if progs start being a problem
and the feeling seems to be that 32 on 64 is less of a problem (still iffy - but less so)

trouble is - I don't have a spare machine that will do the job - so it's quad or nothing ... I suppose dual boot is a possibility - ???

and there is always virtual pc

but games ... now that might be a sticking point.
I built my own pc about 18mths ago, took the plunge and used Vista Home Premium 64bit. The pc was built mainly for Gaming online.
All my games transferred over to the new build ok and play fine.
I will get W7 64 bit but not straightaway, give it 6 mths or so!
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Thanks - all food for thought

fo3 confirms why I'm still on 32
chuck knows - I'm up for it ...
but slack gives me hope that non essentials such as games should be OK
and that's been a bit of a sticking point

I'm going to do it - it's only a few hour's job - and a few hours to restore if I'm wrong.

(dunno about flash - they're going to have to sort it by oct though)
Well, we wait with baited breath, what happened?

As an aside, my games include COD4, CODWAW, L4Dead, Crysis and a few others all play fine.

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Windows 7 - how many bits?

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