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Mr-H | 17:17 Sat 11th Jul 2009 | Computers
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My laptop has a C drive, S (system), E (DVD) drives built in. With removable drives it goes to F and G (I think). I believe it would be easier for backup to have all of the files which need backup in a drive of its own (i.e. all of my personal files, photos, music etc.). I could then simply backup the full 'H' drive (or whatever I called it). Although I never did it, I believe this was possible under Windows OS. I have moved through XP into Vista with the new laptop. Is it possible to create new drives on the same hard drive, and how do I do it please?


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don't think about it - if you have a system recovery partition - playing with the partitions can be a minefield because they tent to use non standard disc types.

to answer your question you need either ... to delete the c: partition and then create two (or however many you require) partitions in the same space - this totallt deletes the partition - and the system partition may or may not restore your system to a "non standard" layout

the other option is to use a partition editor such as acronis or paragon

a far easier way is just use the documents folder ... and back that up
Easiest way to back up is to buy an external drive (very cheap now - just got a 250 Gb for about �80), plug it in, and copy over whatever stuff you don't want to lose.

No expert, but I would have thought all the stuff on one PC, even if technically in separate drives, dodgy in case something goes wrong altogether.
>it would be easier for backup to have all of the files which >need backup in a drive of its own

Why not put them in a FOLDER of their own, then just backup the folder.

Vista does have a music folder, pictures folder, documents folder (and others) but it can get complex to know what to back up.

Just go into your "main" folder (the one you get when you click on your "name" on the top oif the Vista folder), then create a new folder with any name you like, then back that up.

Within this new folder you can create others called "documents", "photos", "music" etc and put the appropriate files in there.

Then if you back up the top level folder all the ones underneath are backed up automatically.
Sorry where I said

>on the top of the Vista folder

Should have said

>on the top of the Vista MENU

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