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grandem | 16:27 Mon 29th Jun 2009 | Computers
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My computer fan is running very fast and quite noisy. I know it is very hot today but it has gradually been getting faster over the past few weeks. Is this OK or does it need something doing to it ?? It has got about 3inches of air space around it and it is not in the sun. Please help.


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Have a look at the various air vents round the back... over time they can get full of dust/fluff/crap etc. and limit air flow... get your hoover in there!
Be careful of using a vacuum if it has a metal brush or tube.

If it is a desktop then remove covers off case, take it outside, and blow out the dust and fluff with a hair drier (on cool).

You can also CAREFULLY knock the dust and fluff off the fans and heat sinks (using small piece of wood not metal) then blow that dust out.

That may solve the problem.
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Thank you very much, will get the hoover out !
I have a similar problem for which I am thinking of buying an air duster aerosol.

But I have a laptop - is it necessary to take it apart or will blowing the air through the availble holes (such as the fan intake and outlet) be ok?
on a desktop the main problem is likely to be the processor

I use two brushes
a blusher brush and a stiff chisel end brush (bit of insulation tape over metal)

then a vac to clean the bottom of the case ... nowhere near the leccky bits

the PSU is a tesla cage - so the vac can be used directly - and the case fans also should be far enough away from the important little places

the processor, heatsink, video card etc should be carefully and gently brushed out onto the bottom of the case ... or angle the case towards you so it drops onto newspaper
and then vacced up

if you are frigtened of filling the room with dust .... you are doing it wrong - gently gently - if the dust is flying - it's too hard
(not sure about braying it with a stick either - very easy to crack thermal paste seal .... and disturb iffy connections)

the last thing you want to do is blow the dust further into the machine .... the vents are out vents ... the in is round the keyboard - then components .... blowing is guaranteed to lodge it deeper.

and used incorrectly the duster sprays are dangerous - when using you should wear goggles (not glasses).

a laptop case is in effect a tesla cage ... and so there shouldn't be a problem using the vac to give it a good suck
Think AC means a Faraday cage, not Tesla.
brain melting - course i do

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