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scoobydoo2 | 18:47 Mon 01st Jun 2009 | Computers
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Hi I am looking for a pretty basic laptop for my cousin - she hasn't had a computer before and is looking mainly for internet. At the moment she isn't sure how much she will actually use it and what aspects she will use it for i.e office/works etc. Can anyone suggest a decent 1st laptop that isn't too expensive but will suffice should she find she will use it more?


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from what you've said it's an impossible question to answer

there is no such thing as a beginners machine
beginners sometimes get pretty good - and find that anoraks and grateful dead -shirts really suit them

set a budget - stick to it - but get the best machine you can afford...

a good machine that isn't used to it's full potential is still cheaper that buying a faster second machine that will do what you wanted in the first place

I still think �400 is still a good line - much below and it's a celeron with no diskspace or ram and home basic
over - depends what you consider expensive

since xmas I've managed to stay round that sort of price for the one's I've got for friends

dell are still doing some good deals - but it's a case of what's on offer when you go to buy - every shop has it's moment - look round - but stay with known brands unless you know

also look in a few mags - see what they recommend.
one of the ABers saying I bought X and I've had no problems means not much -

numers and serious testing means more
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Thanks ACthe TROLL think �400 is a good amount for what she's after.
it's certainly worth a look
Have a look through recons on ebay,very often the've got office progs etc already installed. I got my Dell Latitude a few months ago and have had no probs. Try and get some sort of idea of the spec you need, and find out what the battery is like.

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