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astondog | 21:48 Fri 08th May 2009 | Computers
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I suddenly started getting Blue Screen while clicking on the AOL icon to sign in. I had been using the computer for 12 months when it suddenly started. I don't get the Blue Screen at any other time.
I uninstalled all the AOL software and have not had it again but as soon as I try to use AOL software again I get Blue Screen (AOL say it cannot be their fault it must be the computer). I now use Internet Explorer to access my AOL account.
Is there any safe repair I can get online, prefably, so I can try AOL again or will I have to change service provider?


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Use "Revo Un-installer" tool and remove your current AOL with it.
After that download and install latest version of AOL software:
If your problem still persist, then please go to at:
update your AOL software with the latest version from the internet .

if needed download the revo uninstaller from the internet and run it will completely remove the AOL from your computer.

after that you can again installed the AOL from the internet and use it.

This error that you have is the Blue Screen of Death aka BSOD, where the computer screen turns blue, and asks if you have installed any new hardware or software and informs that you need to reboot your computer to fix this error. Here are a few things that can help you fix the blue screen error.for further assistance visit

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