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poltergeist | 20:13 Mon 27th Apr 2009 | Computers
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Ok so I need to replace the hard drive on my palm top computer. I took a screw out of the back and took a section of the casig oss and unclipped a smallish circuit board. It has the following typed and stuck on it:

512MB DDR 333MHz CL2.5

and on the back:
IEC S/N : RSW200J8V607A6

Does this sound like it is the hard drive? Shall I just take this to a shop and get a new one?


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Thats a stick of ram...

You sure it's even got a hard drive in it? most palm tops have solid state storage, not a hard drive.
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no chuck I am not sure at all. does solid state storage mean that you cant detach it?
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by the wauy my palm top is an older version of this one: a1f00-better-and-cheaper-than-a-umpc/
Good grief! Put it back together, take it to an professional.

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