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22oap | 16:39 Sun 26th Apr 2009 | Computers
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I have a basic pc and can get my head round the fact that the "outside world" comes to me via a cble and modem. I am not at all knowledgable on the technicalities and just use it for emails, google for answers, ebay.
Now my daughter has given me a Laptop and I don't know how o start using it.
I don't want to connect it to the modem on which the pcis - what would be the point of that.
I want to use it when I go to my workshop about once a week, when I am staying away from home a few times a year and if possible when I go on my annual cruise.
Do I need another broadband connection and what would be a reasonably priced one for occasional use?
I have used a Hotel PC and been able to look and deal with my emails at home, so I don't want another email address.
Cold somebody please give me some simple explanation in SIMPLE language - I would be so grateful


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As long as your laptop has a wireless facility built in - it probably has - then as long as you are in an area where there is access to a wireless network - hotel, train, on board ship etc, you can connect to the internet and access your emails as usual. It may not always be free (no payment) however.
Also if you want to access the internet at home then you could temporarily connect your laptop to your existing PC with a network cable and share the PC's internet connection, and then disconnect the cable when you go on your travels.
For this to work, both your PC and your laptop would have to have a neteork interface card each. They probably do.
A more costly and more complicated solution would involve your buying a router etc and setting up a wireless network.
Sorry "neteork" should be "network"
vas sort of sums it up
and this is a very very generalisation that is full of holes - but go with it

what you are wanting is anything but basic
the laptop it's self will work anywhere.

the internet however is a different matter.

there are two basic connection methods ... phoneline and broadband
and more recently a completely wire free option which plugs in to the PC

phoneline uses a modem which is almost always exclusive to a single machine - and is done only with wires
(although it is possible to share the connection with extra wires)

broadband connects using a router which is built to connect more than one machine using either wire or wireless - so if there is one where you are staying ... you could latch on to it

to connect you need a connection (duh) the connection can either be wired or wireless.
more and more places are offering free internet ... but equally ... some expect you to pay

and some don't see why they should - or can't for other reasons
ships for instance need either a very long cable ... or a satellite link (which is quite expensive)

to make it available in every cabin is quite a task - so you may find a few terminals in public areas

another hard place is your shed ... you either need a wireless router ... or a very long cable

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