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Sonyme | 12:31 Thu 26th Mar 2009 | Computers
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I recently bought a new PC -300GB hard drive and have spent many hours transferring and adding new files- mainly music , photos and some MS Works modules.I have only just realised that my hard drive is partioned - C 100GBand D- 200GB,and every thing is now in C while D has 193GB free space (presumably restore files are in D). Is there any easy way to get all files into D?. It's not a problem at the moment but I can foresee problems in the future I only have 31GB free space on C and still have mare than 2000 photos to load and quite a lot more music. Any help and advice appreciated.


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Create a new folder on D. Then cut and paste the folders on C into that folder on D.
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Thanks for that - I will give it a go and hopefully problem solved.
if you have put all the files in your documents at may be easier to simply move the location of your document folder to the D drive.

Then whenever your save anything in future if you save to the documents folder it will automatically go onto your D drive

follow the instructions below (it will automatically move the current contents to the new location)

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Partioned Hard Drive

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