Buying new desktop with great soundcard - HELP!

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VenalWinfrey | 14:11 Fri 30th Jan 2009 | Computers
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Dear all,

I'm going to buy a decent desktop PC, budget around �1,000 (I've been told that should be plenty) - basically what I need is something with a very good processor/RAM/memory etc and must have a really good sound card, with separate in/out/various things (Sorry I'm not very high tech!!)

Basically I need to record music from my digital keyboard, and that's why the soundcard has to be first rate, to interpret the MIDI data and come out with a good quality sound (my current laptop cannot do this hence I need to upgrade.)

Can anyone advise me either a good PC to get, or a good soundcard to look for, or perhaps a good electrical shop that could help me?

I've been told there's a decent one near Tottenham Court road but more than that I do not know.

Thanks as always for the help!


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Because midi is just a set of instructions, you don't need a particularly high spec computer, but what you do want is a really good specialist midi sound card - you could easily spend half your budget on just the sound card (although you don't have to). Forget computer shops and check out music specialists. Have a look at these cards: I-Soundcards~ID~13.asp

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Buying new desktop with great soundcard - HELP!

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