email scam ?

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tatu | 10:22 Sun 18th Jan 2009 | Computers
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windows live team sent me an email..we are closing down your email account due to conjestion..please verify ur account details by providing ur name /sin in pasword/date of birth/address/country of origin......

why would windows ask me all this? is it a scam to try get my dob and address etc ..i have used my credit card details on internet before to buy off amazon,ebay,etc....

is it a scam ?


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It is a "phishing" email. They are trying to get you to give them information.

Delete it and forgot about it!
Of course it is a scam.

Learn to read email headers .html
I don't think any legitimate company asks for password and personal info via email. go to the site, (not via any link in the mail) and forward the mail to them.

I'm sure it's some kind of scam (phishing).
I am surprised you even needed to ask if it was a scam.

NEVER NEVER NEVER give anyone personal details who asks for it in an email.

If you get an email asking you to "verify" your userid and password on a web site that is also a scam. These type of emails often include a link to the site (like say ebay or a bank or whatever) but these are often "fake" sites set up to look like a genuine site.

All they do is capture your userid and password, and then use it to empty your account or buy something off ebay or amazon.

In fact always be wary of any "link" in an email. It is best not to use that link but navigate to the site directly in your browser. That way you know you are probably going to the genuine site.

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