registering a 2nd PC on the internet

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Dajstar | 23:43 Thu 18th Dec 2008 | Computers
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I have to go and set up a 2nd computer at my sister - in - laws soon , she is on sky broadband and her 1st computer is connected to the internet via a wireless modem & a usb connector.

To connect the 2nd computer to the internet i would have thought you need to insert the sky broadband registration disc ?
My sister - in - law says the disc don't work and all you have to do is insert a number ( thats what sky told her apparently)

Before i make the journey does anyone know what this means ??

Thankyou in advance.


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Your sister in law is correct - just use the correct number.
Question Author
Ok thanks but where do you put this number ??

You are dealing with a non - techy thicko here : - )
When you try to connect the 2nd computer a box will pop up asking for the number - it is really quite straightforward.

Are you going to connect by cable or wirelessly? If you do it by cable I expect it will connect straight away
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Its wireless , so once i switch the new PC on thats what im not sure will happen next without a registration disc.

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registering a 2nd PC on the internet

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