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lsharp | 23:27 Thu 18th Dec 2008 | Computers
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does anybody know how to copy the entire file of outlook express to a memory stick. as i need to have outlook express on a computer that does not come with it. need answers asap many thanks


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Outlook Express is an integral part of (pre-Vista) Windows. It doesn't exist as a program in its own right, so there's no way that you can acquire it from anywhere.

If the computer without Outlook Express is running Windows Vista, you should use Windows Mail instead. (alternatively, use Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird. See below).

If the computer without Outlook Express is running Windows XP (but has somehow 'lost' Outlook Express or is one of the fairly rare computers which never had it in the first place), you can use Windows Live Mail. (That's not the same as Windows Mail). It's a direct replacement for Outlook Express and will run under XP:

That, of course, assumes that you want a Microsoft product. Thunderbird is free and, in many people's opinions, far better than any Microsoft email client:

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thank you there anyway i can copy the files from one computer to a memory stick and then to another comp?
The answer to your question is dependent upon which email client the recipient PC is using. If it's running Windows Vista (and therefore has Windows Mail as its email client), the instructions you need are here: /help/53e5df86-5ffb-43cf-a0c8-164e3fe7994f1033 .mspx

That will transfer your mail from one computer to the other but you will still need to set up your account (so that you can send and receive new mail) on the new PC. Instructions will be on the support pages of your ISPs website (assuming, of course, that you get your mail through your ISPs service). If you can't work out how to do it, post again (stating which ISP,or other email provider, you use).

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my comp that im using now is windows xp. i am useless with comps and this will sound really thick but how do i find out my email provider and isp sorry :s
Unless you've signed up for an additional email service (which, from your post, seems unlikely), your email provider is the same as your internet service provider (ISP). I certainly hope you know who that is because I assume that you're paying money to them each month! ;-)

If you've actually forgotten who're you're signed up with (e.g. Virgin, BT, Tiscali, Sky, etc), the answer should be in your email address. (Just tell me the bit after the '@' symbol. Then I can tell you how to set up the new account).

Just one request though: You state that the computer you're using now is using XP. Is that the new computer or the old one? It would be pointless me telling you how to set up a new mail account with XP if your new computer is actually using Vista. Please clarify which operating system is on the 'new' computer (i.e. the one which you want to transfer your mail account to).


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