Sidebar Broadcast Watcher???

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Bathsheba | 11:46 Sat 01st Nov 2008 | Computers
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Hi all. Can anyone help with this please? Sometimes when i'm trying to shut down i get a message saying the sidebar broadcast watcher is preventing it...the instruction at 0X770-sidebar exe-application error- reference memory at 0xfffffffff could not be read. Click OK to terminate- which i do, but i've no idea what i'm doing, or why!
Also, it only happens intermittently.
Thanks xxx


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it's either - just a case of sh!t happens
your RAM is either faulty or a bit quirky
it could be a prog not checking that space is free before it "steals" it
adobe acrobat is a known cause - but basically any prog that uses HUGE amounts of memory can do it
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Thanks AC.
Think it started happening after i installed Norton Internet Security 2008. Could that be it?
If you installed Norton, I'm surprised that's the only problem you've experienced. Get rid of it, and install a respected protection solution instead.
sidebar.exe is that horrible bar that windows vista puts on the right side of the screen as default, if the problem only started when you installed norton then there is a good chance that norton and the sidebar program are trying to use the same area of memory.

if you don't use the sidebar for anything and want to lose it then follow the instructions in the link below to use msconfig to list your startup items and find sidebar in the list and take the tick out from next to it. you can alway reverse the process to get the sidebar back at a later time if you want it. .html
I Agree with Rojash BTW.... Norton is horrible!
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Hi Chuck. Thought you'd taken the funnies with me after i criticized your salt intake :-). Errr....what exactly is my sidebar? Is it where the date, weather and clock is? x
LOL no not at all :)

yeah it's the vertical bar that runs down the right hand side of your desktop with the weather info etc. in it, I personally don't like it so remove it from anything I use, but my father thinks it's "nice" so I've left it on his 'puter.

it's not bad as such, I just think it's an unnecessary use of resources .

Norton is not a generally well like or respected bit of software for internet security and has been known to cause all sorts of strange problems so if you only started to get the message after installing norton it could well be a conflict with norton and the sidebar.

but if it's only intermittent and is not causing you any problems otherwise it may be easier to just leave as it is and click ok to terminate every now and then when required
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Many thanks to all.
Think i'll leave it as it is then- quite like the clock etc!
Was dead impressed when it knew to go back last weekend!!xxx
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Ooh!! Before i forget- if i have more than 3 tabs (not sure if that's the right word) open, i get a "connect broadband" message. I just click on the red cross + get rid of it, but any idea why it happens? xxx

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Sidebar Broadcast Watcher???

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