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earthakitten | 17:01 Tue 28th Oct 2008 | Computers
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I have an E systems computer with a Pentium 4 3.2Ghz.
There is a noise coming from the PSU possibly from the fan. Does anyone know if a PSU from a Dell (200 w) would be OK?
Thank you.


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How old is the pc? Have you ever cleaned the fan?
p4 3.2 - 200w is pushing it - 350 was the recomended about then (2 HDD 2 DVD and a power hungry p4 fan)

what you got in now? - that would be a better guide

eth is right though - you can hit the PSU with a dyson - also the case fan (s?)
but if the cpu looks like a fluffy bunny you need something a bit less staticy

I prefer one of the wife's blusher brushes (you know - the huge soft fluffy jobs) - that way tou won't dislodge anything
and a stiff 1/4" paintbrush - both bristle (not nylon) to get into the crevices

but be gentle - crack the thermal seal .... and you'll have a nice doorstop

then vac the bottom of the case - but don't get too close to the mobo

Question Author
Thanks for the advice
OH thinks it must be about 400w in now
Will try the dyson and blusher brush next.

EK xx
Ac is a typical man - thinks the vacuum is a carpet beater.

Vacuum is fine if you are careful, not hitting the fan with it. :)
Question Author
Thanks to everyone who answered. I seemed to have cured it with a drop of light oil. I found the information on ( I Googled 'computer fans' )
I hope this may helpful to people.
eth - a typical man thinks a WOMAN is a carpet beater - a vac just makes more time for the washing and cooking.

.... allegedly ;)
Hee heee. How I laughed, Ac.


Glad you're sorted though, eartha

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