Apple Mac Pro Purchase - The Right Choice ?

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code1 | 21:52 Fri 27th Jun 2008 | Computers
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I have just purchased 2 Apple Mac Pros for my company.

Has anybody else had experience of these machines.

We are processing photographic data.

Full Spec : Apple Mac Pro Xeon Quad Core 2x2.8GHz 2048MB (2x1024MB) 320GB DVD�R DL/DVD�RW/CD-RW MacOS X 10.5 (ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT)


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erm .... isn't this question a little @rse about face?

surely it should start .... we intend - not we have
Question Author
Sir, sorry for my grammatical mistake !.

One slip of the tounge and the grandiloquent answers come pouring in...

One has just purchased 2 Apple Mac Pros, and one is currently processing photographic data, for ones final year of ones Phd.
oooooo big words ... coo guv - you got a purdy mouth
however phd or not ...
perhaps more emphasis on the little one's sir?

the question is still ... are you asking for an opinion on kit you've already bought?
If that is the case - I would respectfully suggest that the cart is between the horse and the objective.
(lt me explain) ... in my world people ask BEFORE they buy ....

personally ... I'm not a mac man ...while they (arguably) still have the edge on media work ....
you don't say what particular proccessing you are doing (hope your viva is better expressed) - so a real opinion is difficult.

some graphics processes lend themselves to more memory .. while others exist in processing
of course some also need both!

Rather than giving advice on what you've done ... I'd suggest nex time it might be an idea to seek advice from your IT department ...
>Sir, sorry for my grammatical mistake !.

I dont think ACtheTROLL was commenting on your grammer.

He was commenting on the fact that you had already bought the kit, but were now asking if it was the right decision.

As he points out, most people ask BEFORE they buy the kit, not afterwards.

You dont really explain WHY you are now having concerns.

You must have felt it was the correct decision at the time you bought them, what, if anything, has happened to make you question your decision to buy them.

Have you actually used them, or are you asking for advice about how to get the best out of them.

My local high street has an Apple shop where you can get technical advice, maybe there is one near you.

Here is a pictire of it to show how extensive it is /
Yes, they're excellent computers.

Though, they may be overkill for you... a specced-out iMac would be cheaper and probably would do everything you wanted.

The RAM is definitely lacking for a Mac Pro. But don't buy from Apple themselves (as I see you haven't). Goto, and choose the Mac Pro. Buy your RAM from there, in matched pairs if possible (i.e., 2x 2GB, etc.).

2GB is perhaps enough for simple photo processing, but the whole point of the Mac Pro is to have a really powerful unit. You can fit upto something like 16GB RAM in there, so it'll be useful.

Having said all that, I assume you're using Photoshop, and I'm not sure Photoshop runs properly 64-bit, so you'll only use upto about 4GB RAM.

I'd certainly think about buying another 6GB RAM though.
Question Author
Dear vehelpfulguy.

Let me respectfully thank-you for your reply.

I purchased the two Mac's as they were on offer and too good to pass on.

Coming from the Windows environment, I was seeking some basic user advice on photographic processing capabilities, and info from anyone using this equipment.

I didn't intend to upset anyone or get into a petty argument with anyone.

One mistake in your question or one spelling mistake and a flood of people want to kick the **** out of you on here !

Thank's Guys.

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Apple Mac Pro Purchase - The Right Choice ?

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