I can't change the size of desktop icons.

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Bert | 14:37 Sat 10th May 2008 | Computers
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Just lately, when I switch my computer on, the desktop appears with large icons. When I go to Properties/ settings, it shows screen area 640x480 pixels. When I click on the slider, a black dashed rectangle appears around the slider area,and the slider will not budge. Somehow, by clicking random buttons and restarting the computer I have managed to get the smaller icons back, but next time I start it, the big ones are back, even though I've clicked the button that says I want to keep the settings (that give me smaller icons). I have Windows 98, and recently changed the monitor. I didn't have this problem before I changed the monitor, but the problem did not start straight away with the new monitor. Any suggestions?


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Reload the display adaptor driver.

Find out the Display Adaptor Chipset. It is shown under the advanced button in the Display Properties where you adjust the resolution. Download the latest driver available for Windows 98.

Generally you will then run the downloaded program and it either do the whole job or it will save the driver files where you tell it.

Then go to the Adaptor tab and Properties button. Driver, then Update Driver and point it to the location where you saved the output of the downloded file.
first of all you need to first find out if the monitor supports 1024 x 768 or higher if it doesn't then thats your problem, if it does support higher modes, then re-install your graphics drivers

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I can't change the size of desktop icons.

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