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clarelouise | 11:29 Sun 27th Apr 2008 | Computers
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my sons computer has locked up mice /keyborad not working and wont turn off once on plz help


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So, can I assume that the PC turns on ok? But when you try to use the keyboard or mouse, nothing happens? Have you checked the cables are connected securely and in the correct sockets? Are you using a wireless keyboard/mouse? Have you tried a different keyboard and/or mouse?

Loads of question I know, but we need more info.
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hi yes it turns on ok the leads are in right no its not wire less
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sorry yes have tryed other mouse/key board
Not sure what you mean by 'won't turn off'. The only way i know to turn a keyboard or mouse off is to unplug them or switch off the whole computer. Surely that turns your keyboard/mouse off?
May be worth going to control panel
On Control Panel I have a Keyboard icon.. This tells me whether the keyboard is working or not , and there are troubleshooting options and properties you can adjust.

However without a working mouse or keyboard I'm not sure how you'd find Control Panel!

Can you borrow a different keyboard/mouse and try those
So does the PCsimply load into Windows and sit there with the desktop visible? Are there any messages reported? Have you tried pressing F8 when rebooting to get in to safe mode? If this works it proves the physical connection is fine. Give it a go.
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yes windows loads and thats it /i will go and give that a try
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i can get safe mode up now wot do i do plz
Right, well that proves there is nothing wrong with the physical connection from your keyboard to your PC, so that's good. I imagine there is some conflict with another driver, basically that would mean that something you recently installed (intentiaonally or accidentally) has caused this problem.

So, boot into Safe Mode and check that the mouse and keyboard are still ok. Don't worry, the screen resolution may be different, and things will not be like they are normally. I would personally suggest doing a full virus scan at this point, which may involve scheduling a full boot time scan which you should also do. Please don't tell me you have no anti-virus software.....

Goot nip to Tesco's before they shut at 4, back in a bit, get that anti virus going. If you do not have any, then get Avast (enter Avast in to Google and follow the home edition downloads).

See ya in a bit.
Are your keyboard and mouse USB or PS2?
If USB, the problem could be caused by another USB device. Try shutting down, unplugging all other USB devices, and restarting. If they now work, plug each remaining USB device in 1 at a time, and check if they are still working.

I know of at least one All-in-One printer, and a couple of modems which can hang the entire USB if they have a problem.
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hi thanx for advice yes you are right he has no anti vires hes not on net re try to boot in safe mode ok will try
Our IT expert wants to know have you tried swithching it off and on again
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Yes we have tried that.
Numerous times.
Tried 3 mouses and none work.
Keyboard works.
I'm at a loss.
Any more ideas?
Hi again, I thought we were waiting for more info from you? You were booting into Safe Mode weren't you? Well, how did that go? And you were doing a virus scan ? You mentioned about the PC not being on the net, do you mean that it has never been on the net, or it isn't now? Viruses can still propogate through USB sticks, CD/DVDs, floppies etc. This probably isn't a virus, but, it seems a logical step to discount that.

This will almost certainly be a driver clash, but we need more info. Also, sometimes a BIOS reset is necessary as registers can get muddled, one step at a time though. Has he (your son) recently installed anything, harware or software? Have a look in Device Manager (Right click on My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager) and see if any problems are reported under the Keyboard's section. You could also check the Keyboard control panel within Control Panel and try the troubleshoot option.

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