Mousepad and Rundll32

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juner | 20:28 Mon 24th Mar 2008 | Computers
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I have had the BT engineer in to find out why I couldn't use window mail when I changed from AOL to BT (big mistake). It took him three hours and after he had gone my mousepad had the tapping put back on or so I thought. In fact I believe that the engineer caused a corruption within the mousepad and now I can't get into the Mousepad icon in the Control Panel. Comes up with if you have installed a new synaptic mouse pointer please uninstall and reinstall etc. When I close the control panel I get a message from Microsoft to say that Windows Host process(Rundll32) has stopped workng and they will let me know the solution i possible. So far which is about three weeks there has been no solution posted so HELP any ideas what I can do. I believe it is affecting my Skype and Messenger too. The BT will not come out to see what they have done as it is not their responsibility!!! All was working well until they came.
Thanks for any help that maybe out there.


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I'd delete all to do with mouse and reinstall
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Thanks zingo for your help but about two weeks ago the mouse started working normally and I could again click on the icon of the properties and do whatever. Don't know how though!

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Mousepad and Rundll32

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