How to copy dvd's? (Without being an Expert)

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Chippy1 | 22:59 Mon 17th Mar 2008 | Computers
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Could somebody please give me some sensible advise regarding copying and editing dvd's?

I have asked on yahoo answers but don't seem to be making any progress. People have advised me to download a whole range of programmes for eg.. ImgBurn,TotalVideo2Dvd,Nero,AVS4U,CloneDVD,CyberLink Power2Go,Windows Movie Maker,BurnAware,E.M.Easy DVD Copy,DVD Shrink 3.2 etc.. etc..

None of these programmes make any sense to me regarding Rippers/Converters/Burners etc.. As I am a computer novice.

I play in a band and have footage which is on dvd, basically I don't want to just full copy the footage, I want to copy my disks and then edit the desired material.

Question is :

1.Which is the best programme to use?

2. How do I manage it?

As someone "kindly" reminded me before that any copying of material not owned by myself is "copyright theft" and is illegal.

I hope someone can advise me.




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sorry old thing .... good info ... just the wrong info

music and video can use a number of formats.
"real" video (the commercial stuff) is generally protected ... and in an odd format - .vob
a ripper will copy the vob ... and convert it to a more PC friendly format ... (avi or mpeg).

music is the same ... the commercial stuff is in a format that doesn't sit well on a PC ... so again a ripper is used to convert it to wav, mp3 or wmv (to name just a few)
each format has advantages and disadvantages.

to edit the files ... you need a suitable editor for the format in question.

pro standard progs start at �400+

when it's how you want it ... you then need a burner to get it back onto CD or DVD

unfortunately ... you need to figure out how to use a fair number of progs to do what you want ... done well - it's skilled work and takes practice - burning is the easy bit

the media forums are the best place to start
... audacity is a good free music editor .....
I don't do video ... but one of the others will have ideas on that
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Thanks ACtheTROLL

Good Advice :)

I have managed to burn some of the dvd's onto the computer, the only problem is the sound is distorted, the picture and recording is smashing.

Is this a layer on the disk to "intentionally" disable copying?

First rip the DVD with this

then shrink it to fit a standard dvd

then burn with this
If you have a Mac,You can try out Mac DVD Copy ,it can easily help copy your DVD on Mac just as you are a novice.
It also have a step by step guide about "How to copy DVD on Mac" c.html#129
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How to copy dvd's? (Without being an Expert)

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