Installing through company firewall

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lady_p_gold | 18:38 Fri 16th Nov 2007 | Computers
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My husband and I are trying to start a company where you install a free dowload trial version of our product for 15 days. It seems to work quite well with most people who try it, however some of the larger companies have not been able to instal it and we are assuming that perhaps it is because their firewall and security settings are set to prevent employees from downloading and installing programs. Is there a way round this, or does anyone think that this is not the problem and there is something else we could have missed ???? Thanks so much if anyone has any ideas .....


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Its nothing wrong at your end! its the people downloading (recieving). they need to set their firewall to accept it or turn it off. thats the only way it will work. there is nothing else you can do as far as i know
Why not post a link on here, then we can see exactly what you are attempting and possibly give a more accurate diagnosis...
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Thanks for your replies, I think we have sorted it now

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Installing through company firewall

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