Cd showing up blank

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peanut | 21:00 Tue 02nd Oct 2007 | Computers
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Does ne1 know why when I put a cd in either one of my dvd drives it comes up blank? I know for a fact that there is info on the cd because it shows on my other computer. This is a burned dvd+r. Thank you.


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I assume the pc it shows up on is the one you burned it on.
Make sure you do not have multisession ticked when you burn as the disc needs to be finalised to read in other drives.
Also some makes of disc's read in some drives but not in others.Perhaps a different brand or go from + to - might help.
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My I.T. teacher burned it for me using Nero. He said that he did finalize it. This is the first time a +R disc has ever been in my pc. It did show the contents of the disc 1 time but not anytime after that. It's driving me nuts. Could it be a setting somewhere?
Nah,some drives are a bit picky.
Certain dvd's i burn can't be seen on my boys pc.
Now i only use the make of disc's their pc can read.
Bongo is probably right

older burners sometimes "wander"
the surface of your CD/DVD is divided into 2,295,104 sectors (little "boxes" (use a a ruler!! - pretty small)
so there isn't much room for error
If you can ... try another machine

if not get teach to confirm the disc is readable (sounds like you already have) and try burning on a different machine
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Thanks to both of you. It must just be the particular disc because all others work fine.

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Cd showing up blank

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