Still can't delete e mails

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Fish the Mod | 11:28 Fri 28th Sep 2007 | Computers
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A few weeks ago a kind answerbanker ( is that the right term) kindly gave me an answer on how to delete my e mails stuck in outlook express but I couldnt find the programme. To remind you, I came home to find that I couldnt delete some of my in -coming e mails. I deleted all in the deleted file to make space but to no avail. Then a week later I couldnt delete any. Last Wednesday, I came hone to 452 e mails waiting to be read. 450 of them were stating underliverble mail - systems adminst- of e mails that I neversent.
I have tried using the main broadband supplier e mail page but that is no help. I know I must have a virius - As the beatles said in 1964- help!


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You don't have a virus, at least not from those symptoms.

If you get a load of emails saying "message undeliverable" or simlar words then I'm afraid a spammer has picked up your email address as a bounceback.

When a spammer sends out thousands of emails to random addresses, they do not wish to receive a reply for each undeliverable one so they pick someone's name of the list (in this case you) and have any undeliverables returned to your address.

You can't do anything about it apart from wait until the spammer chooses someone else's email address.
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Thanks for that......gits
And so if you don�t want to wait, change your e-mail address. Go to your ISP, set up a new address and e-mail all those you want to know your new address. Keep your old address for a couple of weeks and then delete from your ISP account.

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Still can't delete e mails

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