what does look like a lap top when scanned

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tal21 | 01:38 Tue 04th Sep 2007 | Computers
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I want to ship a lap top overseas. I cannot write lap top on the custom declaration,because it might get stolen.Can you think of something that looks like a lap top when scanned? Thank you.


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The customs declaration is a legal document - false declaration is subject to legislation which may lead to penalties, confiscation of goods, prosecution or imprisonment.
There is nothing unusual in shipping laptops - and the majority arrive safely.

Just make sure you insure it properly, so if it does get lost you can claim.
laptop ..... mmmmmm what would that look like when x-rayed? let's think ...
a box containing a battery .... electronics and soft plastics......

Best declare a laptop ... defusing your "toaster" could well cause more trouble than you bargained for.

if it's passing through customs there is a fair chance it will be opened anyway ... a false declaration will result in (at best) the item just being seized ... at worst an early morning call from the terrorist squad.
I would put Faulty Laptop For Repair.
portable dvd player? just as tempting to steal though i guess but at least you break the law in the process.

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what does look like a lap top when scanned

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