poorly mem stick

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fatgaz | 23:08 Tue 26th Jun 2007 | Computers
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i have an anattache 1gig mem stick that holds all of my course work for college, i cannot access it for some reason,when i put it into a usb port the computer makes a bell sound so i know it has recognised something, but when i go to open it it ask`s me to insert a disk ??. I have tried using file scavenger 3.1 but to no avail it just say`s that their is no boot sector ? is there any way i can recover my course work please help


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oh dear overy.html

but it's pot luck ....
too late now ... but two backups are better than one .... and either stop the device ... or be certain that all activity has stopped before you unplug
aw no, this happened to me a few months ago all my college work, I was gutted. I went into college and spoke nicely to the computer tech guys there (doing the 'I'm just a silly girl' bit I'm afraid) and he managed to get them open for me, eventually, and he emailed me all the files. Could you ask someone at college?
It could be that the solder that fixes the bit that plugs in to your PC to the circuit board needs to be redone.
I have fixed a memory stick like this, and it worked perfectly.
( I had to cut off the outer case first)
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it never ceases to amaze me how helpfull the people who log on to ab are thankyou very much for your sugestions and link will try them tomorrow,once again THANKYOU

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poorly mem stick

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